Friday, August 29, 2003

My brother and I have been running Triathlons for two years now, and we are closing this season with a bang. The lobsterman triathlon is a 2 year old race (sidenote: I have a life goal to participate in 50 straight lobsterman triathlons, which would be extra cool since I was in the first one). My brother and I aren't in triathlons for the money or the fame. It's all about longevity. Next year, we hope to take our training up a notch, and break through 2:30 for an international length triathlon (the lobster is one). Last year I ran the lobster in 3:30 (abysmal) and was happy to survive. This year I hope to do it in under 3 hours, which was my time for the Fairlee Triathlon, a comparable race. At this point, finishing in 3 hours with no serious pain (I cramped badly in the first Lobsterman) is a thrill. [in italiano]

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