Friday, August 22, 2003

Viruses are a crime. But man are they interesting. Also, the effect reminds me of a blizzard. Things get shut down, business slows, school gets cancelled, but no permanent damage is done. Of course, barrels of cash are poured out, and IT staffs world wide have a bad day (or week). Also, I kind of wonder if the writer of Sobig.F felt the competition from Blaster. Here is blaster, with some second rate exploit based on a published flaw in IE getting all the press, and the Sobig.x dynasty is yesterday's news. Did Sobig push the virus sooner for the fame? Or the ultimate in conspiracy -- are they linked? Also, besides a psychological problem, what motivates someone or some organization to develop such an extensive parlour trick? InformationWeek > Security > Anti-Virus Experts Say Much-Feared Internet Attack Fizzles > August 22, 2003

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