Friday, November 28, 2003

Most of this article is just a summary of what's been happening - and why I object so much to the Bush administration's foreign policy - but, for what it is, I like it, and I think the last paragraph nails my feeling about how we could lead the world. It doesn't go into too much detail (and skips over some things like the infusion of fundamentalist Christianity into the Bush administration) but it is a good place to start a conversation... Or maybe I just like it because I agree with it. As for Bush's visit to Iraq, I agree with John. He may have acted in a calculating way but who cares? It was a good thing to do and he did it. The real challenge for the Democratic candidate is this: how do you find a way to break the spell that Bush's content-free nationalistic rhetoric and appearances have cast on key swing voters and expose the damage that his administration is doing? Though he doesn't say much of anything beyond "God Bless America and we will prevail against evildoers," no one has been able to formulate a compelling response for people who don't have time to read. Bush is perfectly perpetrating the political crime that George Orwell describes in this blistering essay:

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