Sunday, January 25, 2004

The quote below from Time articulates the essential argument against Dean. He made his case for the Democratic nomination that Bush needed to go. Nearly every democrat agreed. Unfortunately, nearly every democrat also asked "How do we get Bush out?". The answer, apparently, is not by nominating Dean. Kerry has surged on the "electibility" focus, but that theme's days are numbered. Edwards has the "Everyman" play -- what does Kerry have? The nomination, I think, will come down to Kerry and Edwards, and will be won or lost in Missouri, barring any embarrassment for Kerry in NH or Edwards in SC. What Becomes a President Most?: "In fact, the issue of style and temperament has everything to do with how Dean earned his front-runner position in the first place. He was the first to correctly read the Democratic electorate and channel its anger?not just at President Bush but at the Democrats in Washington who were still playing nice with a President who was playing for keeps. But this meant he could least afford to make a mistake. Once the conventional wisdom challenged his electability, the rationale for his candidacy started to crumble, and voters went searching elsewhere. 'Six months ago, they were all looking for straight talk,' said Joe Lieberman pollster Mark Penn. 'Now they're looking for someone who is serious enough to be President of the U.S.'"

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