Saturday, October 16, 2004

The New York Times > International > Middle East > U.S. Acquiesces in European Plan for Talks With Iran The most disturbing aspect of this extremely unsettling article is "Not only are China and Russia opposed to sanctions, but a group of so-called nonaligned countries including Brazil, South Africa and Malaysia also oppose anything that might suggest that countries cannot have peaceful nuclear energy programs." The opposition from the nonaligned countries illustrates the inflated importance of energy production in international politics. Oil is a tight commodity with shrinking availability. Nuclear energy is unacceptably dangerous in a terrorist infected world. The world needs safe, abundant, and clean energy. Our national security and economic outlook are aligned with world interest on this point -- the surest way to eliminate the temptation for nations to pursue nuclear energy programs is to discover an alternative. For the first time since the space race, and perhaps in a more tangible sense, we need an aggressive scientific policy that focuses the nations intellectual resources on this specific goal: safe, abundant and clean energy. Unlike rocket science, however, it would be in our best interest to give energy technology away as quickly as possible.

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