Tuesday, November 30, 2004

After landing on Mauii, we rented a car (red mustang convertible, because you can take the kid out of Lowell...). The drive was cool, save a few traffic encounters. We drove through a sugar cane farm, and you could smell the sugar-smoke molasses-scent from the burning they use at harvest (Ok, I didn't actually see them burning it, but I've seen discovery channel footage of sugar cane harvesting. It was also once featured on Magnum PI. You really could smell it.). There were some dramatic clouds rolling over the very green (verdant even) hillsides. Driving on Mauii is like driving a cart on a golf course. Small windy roads, low speeds, nice scenery. We reached the Four Seasons and checked into our room (1 2), which has a nice king size bed, and simply the largest bathroom legal in the US (take a virtual video tour). The sun was down when we got here, so we put off exploring the grounds until tomorrow. Tonight we are eating at one of the three restaurants on the grounds, under an open sky. Right this minute, T and I are passing out for 45 minutes before getting ready for dinner. All the sitting, reading, and movie watching on the flight out ruined us.

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