Monday, November 29, 2004

So here we go... T and I are tucked into our seats, and we are about to take off for Chicago. T predicts we miss our connection to Mauii, as we have all of an hour lay-over. We agreed we don't care, as Chicago must have nice hotels. Getting here was a bit of an adventure. I started the morning by taking our trash out to the rear alley. Unfortunately, my luggage and keys were in the foyer of our building. So I had to run around our block to find T. I got there just in time to help with our ginormous rolling bag, which I rolled directly through dog s***. We noticed when I lifted the bag into the trunk, because I put my hand directly in canine feces. Luckily, T caries a small hospital in her hand bag, and autoclaved my hand. A call to Mom reminded me that any mishap with dog-doo is “good luck”. She actually had to clarify. “Well, stepping in it is good luck, I'm not sure about handling it.” -------------------------- Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

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