Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Big Island Arrival (see just the pictures here) We arrived on the Big Island after sunset, and the whole island appeared dark. It wasn't even 11 o'clock yet. We got settled pretty quickly in our new room, which, though extremely comfortable, didn't have the hollywood lux feel (i.e. the bathroom is not a full hectare) of the maui room. This is a good thing, it makes the suite a lot more comfortable and homey (1 2 3). When we checked in, they made a mistake with our room, and accidentally upgraded us to ocean view (we had booked a parking lot view room). So we woke up with a clear line of sight from pillow to surf (1 2). We had the requisite decadent breakfast buffet beach-side, and then settled into a very quiet day. We didn't see another guest until afternoon, but we did see a rainbow. The rainbow lay along the island to the north. The pictures didn't really pick up the color, but you can kind of get an idea that there may have been a rainbow running horizontally along the terrain (1 2). As the day wore on very pleasantly, the sun rose higher in the sky, and hit the air moisture at a different angle. Eventually (I think it was after lunch, hard to say for sure with all the napping), the rainbow stood up vertically. By that time though, we had reached a lotus-eater's pleasant, yet totally lazy, indifference, and didn't even bother taking a picture. Instead, I took another picture from inside the bonnet. Caitie took one of the beach, the pool, and of me swimming. Later in the afternoon, we finally did something cool. The resort has a snorkel and scuba training pool, that is, in effect, a giant human-sized aquarium. They stock it with hundreds of non-threatening fish and manta-rays, and let you swim around with them. "King's Pond" is about fifty yards long, and twenty feet down in the deep end. The deep end affords you the opportunity to dive downward, and look up, so you can see the underside of the rays, and your wife frantically waving for you to return to the surface. The whole time, I was thinking of my tropical-fish-obsessed brother, who has literally proposed the idea of building a swim-in aquarium. I was thinking how mad he would be that I didn't spring for the underwater disposable camera. Sorry man. That's all for our first day on the big rock of hawaii.

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