Monday, May 30, 2005

One more, completely random thought for today. Actually it occurred to me yesterday. I read James Joyce's Ulysses over 10 years ago, and certain lines from the book just jump into my mind occassionally. One common flashback is the line "inelectuble modality of the visible". I never understood what the hell that meant. Then out of the blue, yesterday, a guess occurred to me. If you can see something, it is remarkably difficult to listen to it carefully. You have no choice, you can not elect to hear what you see. Maybe this doesn't make any sense after all.

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  1. Alberto3:40 AM

    Nice guess. That sentence reminds me of something I must have read somewhere, i.e. that our society is basically a "visual" one, as opposed to "aural", which means that we make our judgements and choices based on visual elements first and foremost. That is why a person with nice looks and a horrible voice is considered attractive, while the opposite is not so true. So the visible is ineluctable, unless we are forced not to see: we may find attractive someone we only talk to on the phone, and then of course there is the extreme situation of blind people, for whom the visible is far from ineluctable and the audible, therefore, is pre-eminent.