Friday, November 11, 2005

Day 5 - First Day on the Big Island (just pictures) We flew to the Big Island from Kaua'i, stopping to change planes in Honolulu. The total time in the air was about 45 minutes, but with the 2 hours pre-flight and the hour in Honolulu, it took about 4 hours total. Arriving on the Big Island, we found it exactly as expected. Still no buildings at the airport, just thatched huts and little doorways. Still very few people around, and still lots of heat and lava rock. For some reason, the Big Island is just more relaxing. As usual, we had a chatty cab driver. He told us all about his battery powered home in Kailua (hillside above Kona town). He's got a single solar panel that keeps his array of truck batteries charged, and his lone electrical appliance powered up: his gigantic home stereo. He's planning a new electrical system next summer, when a range of "nanotech photovoltaic paints" are expected to debut. He also plays drums in a jazz band Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Mauna Lani resort and spa. Caitie diagnosed him with Tourettes Syndrome after he dropped us at the front gate. We arrived at the hotel around noon, so we went to the beach-side bar for some lunch and other bar-fare. We stayed on the beach for sunset, or "The Show", which draws every person on the west side of the island down to the beach. The big gag is to go "tzshhhhhhhhhhh" when the sun first touches the water. Posted by Picasa

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