Monday, December 01, 2008

A Crude Awakening

A Crude Awakening paints a bleak picture for the supply of oil. Or, more poignantly, the bleakness of a world without abundant and cheap energy. The point ignored by the film, though, is the abundance of coal in the US. The most effective means of realizing the energy potential in coal is electric power plants. This is an unattractive option, because of the dire environmental impact, and the relative inconvenience of coal versus oil (pretty hard to fly a coal powered commercial airliner).

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  1. Gilbert Greenway1:12 PM

    My understanding is that it has historically been a terrible pollutant, but the mining process is not, and that new technology that is widely available that is genuinely "cleantech."
    It's definitely inconvenient. I personally think that the bankrupt industries that rely on the 100-year old technologies of using more convenient fuels should be allowed to go bankrupt in order to a)enable them to make changes to survive in the long run and b)enable to development of convenient, mobile, clean fuel, most favorably hydrogen and electric power.