Sunday, March 15, 2009

DraftDude: fantasy baseball draft ranking is a website that algorithmically determines optimal roto baseball draft order. The algorithm uses the rules of your league, like the number of teams, number of players per position, scored statistics and so on. Then you can edit the statistical projections for each player, and see how it affects the ranking. The concept is pretty cool, and since some leagues become nearly full time jobs, DraftDude is charging for access to the (claimed) competitive advantage.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Instant, Make-Your-Own Fonts

Italic capital swashesImage via Wikipedia

In college I saw a mail-away font creation service, and I always wanted to digitize my own hen scratching. So I am definitely trying this out:
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Tamale In the News

Advent Tamale launched RMS4.0, and we have some nice press. We keep our development pipeline about 2 or 3 releases deep at any one time. So, in my memory, RMS4.0 seems like ages ago even though it is launching now.
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