Thursday, July 14, 2011

Centerville Library

I discovered yet another reason to love the public libraries out there. We're down capeside, so I had been working from the house this morning. That kind of blew up my whole transition from play to work, since my office is one corner of the kids' play area in the basement. Most of this week I was coding with one hand and wrestling one of the boys with the other.

Today I drove over to the Centerville Public Library. Quaint little place, and just jammed with people pursuing all kinds of interests. I see a guy writing for a magazine, a bunch of kids doing puzzles (sunny here, but the wind's blowing too hard to do anything even near the water), and there are four guys playing chess. Play isn't the right word - they are doing battle. A grown man, maybe in his 40s just resigned a game and stormed outside to cool off - he was too upset by his play to continue. He was midway through a trouncing, having his hat handed to him by a gentleman twice his age. Nothing like a beating from an octogenarian to make you angry. 

If I get my next milestone coded up soon, I'm going to ask for a game...

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