Thursday, February 02, 2012

Ruby 1.9.3-p0 with Rails 3.2.0 on Ubuntu 10.4

For the last 8 months I've been learning ruby on rails. My only work has been on a mac and in deployment heroku. Recently we decided to set up a jenkins server to run continuous integration against our commits, and we chose ubuntu for the host. As with any new configuration, there were lots of wrinkles, particularly since we are using the latest of ruby and rails.

The ruby-debug-base19 gem has been particularly tricky. I think it is because the issues around it are fairly new, so google debugging isn't as effective as it will be in a few weeks as more and more people run into the problems with installing this destined-to-be-common configuration.

So, I was really thrilled when I ran across this gist. It is one of those discoveries that, even after all these years, makes you just love the internet :). But, the experience is so much better because of github. Github is one of the very few new applications that promotes individual creativity and collaboration. Because the code I found from a fellow sufferer was a gist, I was tempted to fork it and tidy it up a bit more. I'm not the only one, half a dozen visitors did the same in different directions. The ease of use for github dramatically increases the velocity of creative collaboration. Hopefully more and more applications will learn to do the same, so we're using the internet for production in addition to consumption. Here is my final script, hth: