Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quantopian's Mission

Inspiration struck last weekend, and I started writing about Quantopian's mission. It was one of the more satisfying writing experiences I've had in a long time - I felt myself gaining clarity on why I wanted to create Quantopian, and what I hope it will become. With ample editing from the famous Dan Dunn, the result is the Quantopian Manifesto.

Most of all I want Quantopian to be something I don't regret loving. Something I look back on and cherish pouring my heart into. I know that to accomplish that, Quantopian needs to do something good, something that improves society.

Quant trading and social good? Come on,  right?

Quantopian isn't just about trading. Quantopian is about leveling a playing field. Quantopian is about enabling creativity, and sharing the results. I really believe that's something worth doing.

Let me know if you think I'm nuts :).

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